5 Hottest New Smartphones

The smartphone business is booming, and the best ones we've seen will have been released by early 2013. Manufacturers are finally shifting their focus to building quality products. So, which smartphones could be huge hits, convincing consumers to trade in their old device for one of the five hottest new smartphones?

  • The Apple iPhone 5 promises to bring the same incredibly fast data-connectivity technology as the iPad. It will also possess 200 new features and Apple’s new operating software, the iOS 6. Consumers will love the speed, the new larger display, the faster processor, and the upgraded FaceTime camera. The Apple iPhone 5 is all but certain to be yet another improvement to the iPhone family.  Apple has been busy partnering with big box stores to move out its iPhone 4, still among the biggest technological hits of the cell phone era.
  • Nokia and Windows planned an event in which many anticipate the official unveiling of the new Nokia Lumina Phi smartphone. This phone will also feature the data connectivity software 4G LTE and a 4.65-inch display. Consumers will enjoy the high-resolution camera, speed, microSD memory card slot, large display screen, and windows capabilities. The joint collaboration of Nokia and Windows could prove to be a powerful force in the coming months and years.
  • The announcement of the Droid RAZR HD by Motorola has many people eager to jump on board the latest version of this popular phone. This model will feature the 4G LTE technology and offer many upgraded features from its predecessor.  It will offer a 4.6-inch display with a pixel screen count of 720 and an 8MP camera. Not only do these improvements appeal to smartphone enthusiasts, the Kevlar backing provides provide the ultimate protection for those individuals who are not gentle phone owners.
  • The Sony Xperia Ion has debuted. It also features the 4G LTE software, as well as a 4.6-inch display. In addition, the Xperia Ion also includes a TV launcher HDMI-out, a 12MP camera, and it is compatible with a dock to provide you with the option to hook it up to your television to view photos, play music, or even send texts. This phone will appeal to the gamer, as they will even be able to use the phone to play their favorite Playstation games.
  • Consumers continue to respond positively to Samsung smartphones over the iPhone; from the underrated Stratosphere to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which  features a massive 5.5-inche display, Bluetooth 4.0, and a larger battery to improve upon the previous version. Just like the others, it features the 4G LTE software and is one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

Smartphones continue to evolve and improve. The top 5 smartphones will continue to amaze the consumer as manufactures seek to push the limits. As the holidays approach, brace yourself for a heated competition as each company attempts to capture the majority of the market share. It is a good time to be a smartphone consumer.

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