About Smartphone Basics

Choosing a smartphone can be an overwhelming experience.  You need to do some research before deciding whether your best bet is a smartphone without a data plan, which brand to buy (Android, iPhone or something else), and what makes one stand out from the other.

Smartphone Basics provides the resources you need to make a good choice and the links to sellers who have them on eBay and elsewhere.  The best smartphone prices are online and you will find the right one for you—at the right price—by looking through our smartphone information and tips sections.  Read the stories and check out some of the phones now available.

Smartphones are amazing.  They can perform so many tasks that just a few years ago seemed to be only in the domain of the computer.  That’s what our phones are now, though.  Mini computers that can help you stay in touch with friends, connect via phone or text message, find out what’s going on in the world, take photos and video and so much more.

Before you walk into a local phone store in a daze, confused by possibilities, check out the information here and some of the great deals.  You’ll not only make the right call when choosing a smartphone, you’ll get the best deal, too.